Naama’s Greetings


I would like to invite you to join me as we embark on a personal journey to this authentic experience. In my creations you will encounter scenes and places of
beauty and aesthetics, a game of shadow and light, transparent textures and
various materials. The art works portray a taste of longing to enchanting, remote places, which make your heart smile.

Following the journey of my work I have reached charming places in my home surroundings – the city of Tel Aviv , and further to Jaffa , Northern Israel and Jerusalem , as well as and other European countries.
During my travels I discovered that behind every entrance, door or house there
are wonderful and interesting people.
Dr.Shaul Tchernichovsky, Israel’s nationl poet said: “Man is the imprint of his childhood landscape”.
This enhances the fact that nature always contributes to the harmony of man with life.

Through three-dimensional design the viewer encounters different textures, such as wood, stone, water and metal.
The artworks combine three main artistic tools:
– photography, painting and sculpting.
Each creation is created with great attention to detail, and is sold as a complete and framed work of art.

It is also possible to place a special order based on your personal experience, either for the purpose of decoration, or for organisations that are interested in documenting buildings and architectural sites.
If you already bought my 3d-art and it is decorating you home or business,
Write us your “authentic experience” to show on our “clients” page.

The three-dimensional experience could be yours!


Naama Yarmuch