The Product

All the artwork offered on this website is originally hand made by Naama -Yarmuch, and is copy-writed and protected by the artist.

The artwork is comprised of photography and drawing, combining sculpting with high level material.
The end-product is a relief picture which is about 2-3 cm (1″) thick.

To see an example of a three dimensional artwork, please follow these links:
Jars, Water and Portals, as well as the film.

The picture
The pictures available online comes in three different sizes:
1. 10.3X12.5″ (26.4X31.8 cm) – framed
2. 12.4X15.5″ (31.5X39.5 cm) – framed
3. 16.6X20.5″ (40.8X52 cm) – framed

By ordering privately, and personally contacting the artist-in israel , it is possible to order and to buy the pictures in other sizes as well:
* Special size: 8X11.2″ (20.4X28.5 cm) – framed
* Special Size: 12.3X10.6″ (27X31.4 cm) – framed

There is also a wider selection of artwork available directly from the artist which is available by personally contacting Naama.
Please contact Naama in the contact link for further information.

The frame
Every artwork is delivered already framed and ready to hang.
The frame is composed of a pine box, and holds within an oxygen-free past partout.
A transparent glass covers the artwork over the front.

The frame’s dimensions are:

Frame width in front: 0.6″ (1.5 cm)
Frame depth: 1.57″ (4 cm )
Frame color: milk white, which naturally compliments the three dimensional artwork.

The frame is composed of a pine box, and holds within an oxygen-free past partout.A transparent glass covers the artwork over the front.:: 0.6″ (1.5 cm): 1.57″ (4 cm ): milk white, which naturally compliments the three dimensional artwork.
See a photo of the frame:


Hanging the picture
Each picture comes with a hanger on the back.
See a photo of the hanger:

It is also possible to position pictures in size 12.4X10″ (31.5X25.6 cm) on a special stand made of natural wood.
See an example of a stand:


The products are sold in special editions of 20-50 units per edition.
Every artwork is hand made, with special care for every detail. It is numbered, and signed personally by the artist.

Please be aware that not all the pictures offered in this catalogue are always available. Please check the website, since the information changes periodically!!

If you have chosen a picture that is out of stock, please contact the artist personally, and coordinate a possibility to purchase the picture privately.

Shipping @ handling
This service is available from Nahalat Binyamin 14, Tel Aviv (Tuesdays and Fridays)
We ship and handle by registered air-mail.
The shipment price includes wrapping materials and weight.
The picture is posted with its frame and covered glass, wrapped several times in special wrapping material, and in a rigid cardboard box fitted specifically to the frame size.
Please allow 10-15 days shipment.

On your order form you will find the price of the picture including the shipping and handling fees.

Returns policy:
You may return a picture within 14 days. It must be undamaged, and packed in its original packaging.

Before returning a product, please contact Naama Yarmuch directly. Telephone number: 972+52+4468312
After contacting Naama directly, please send the undamaged, originally packed product back to Naama Yarmuch by contacting the artist.

Shipping expenses of returned objects are on the expense of the client.

Canceling an order before it has been posted is free of charge.
Canceling an order after it has been posted carries a fee of 10% of the original order, at a minimum charge of $28.

If you wish to order a picture without shipping (to personally collect),
please contact the artist directly – in Israel ( tel: 052-4468312)
Nahalat-binyamin 14 tel-aviv (tusday and friday 10:00-17:00)

This website offers a variety of original pictures by the artist. There is a wider selection of pictures available through personally contacting the artist.

There has been a great deal of thought and attention to every detail in creating the pictures, packing and sending them to you. This is all so that you will receive this high quality art-work safely, and with love.