Naama Yarmuch

The story behind 3D Bauhaus

3d Bauhouse’s name is also-the “Fan House”.

I was very curious by the circular balconies.

The architect “Zaky Shalus” was designing this building in 1933 as a living house.

In these days it was fashionable and a part of the new architecture style!

Combining original photography, sculpting and painting a new 3d!!





New experience by the artist: 3d-Bauhouse

The story behind 3d-Bauhouse

"One of my journeys and art experiences was photographing original Bauhouse at my city Tel-Aviv"
Naama Yarmuch
3d original Artist

3d-Bauhouse new experience and new design

Join me for a deeper look at the “Fan House”

In the heart of Tel – Aviv, the “White city” / Unesco.


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